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Y-Axes Solutions mainly does the following Developments :

→ Website Development

Professional Website Designs to Grow Your Bottom Line

Your website is arguably your most important marketing asset, and if it isn’t growing your business, it’s time for a new one. Consider this:

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.
  • 63% of consumers primarily use your company’s website to find and engage with you.
  • 75% have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design.
  • In the digital landscape of today’s business world, every company needs a website—it acts as your virtual sales rep 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, is outdated, doesn’t convert visitors into leads, or simply isn’t up to your satisfaction, you need professional website design services from a company that makes the process easy. Need a website redesign? We do that, too! contact us to get started!

    → Web Application Development

    Y-Axes Solutions offers web application development and creates custom web applications which satisfy your ecommerce requirements. Y-Axes Solutions serves comprehensive end-to-end benefits for particular applications appealing high accessibility and enhanced enactments. Our complete services consist:

  • Initial assessment
  • Design
  • Project planning and management
  • Development
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Managed hosting
  • After we realize the project's targets and needs, and have a thorough interpretation of your business requirements, we will serve you with a design for your software and a plan for developing it. It is important to establish a web application development strategy for each particular project to assure time frame delivery and to increase the quality of the absolute product.

    Depend on each application development and particular attributes, our quality assurance expert’s point’s key areas which necessitate special attention and define quality assurance guidelines. This makes us comprehensively interactive, offers one point of contact, and removes the complications that frequently happen when multiple users are involved. Once we understand your aim and primary concepts, our expertise team employs latest techniques to break down your huge project into defined, manageable strategies. Web application development permits users to be resourceful, to collaborate, to gather and to get tasks achieved using an easy internet browser and access to the Internet. Mostly web applications are coupled with databases and sophisticated business logic to serve serious functionality to its users. In addition, Web applications often have e-commerce features. You can view in the portfolio, some of the web application development projects that we have developed for our clients.

    Custom web applications includes a web-based user interface, a database to contain data and other objects, business logic that is individual to the software application and supplementary particularized plug-in software modules to offer highly specific functionality.

    Other Web Development Services

  • Outsource Web Development
  • PHP Application Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • OScommerce Web Development
  • ASP Web Development
  • Web 2.0 Applications
  • Web Based Application
  • Custom Application Web Development
  • CSS Website Development
  • → Custom Application Development

    Custom Application Web Development is a customized technique to resolve complications related to applications. Our customized application developments, offer your ebusiness using technology in a more productive and lucrative manner than your competitors. Modernization takes on an open approach at Y-Axes Solutions encourage us to create trends and application development in a manner that promotes clients’ satisfaction in their congenital expectations. Raising our clients previsions are met by incessant invention, which our clients have come to expect, while we polarize constant raise to the race of excellence on behalf of our continuing and future client base. Our custom web solutions offer a proficient way for both leading organizations and small industries to reduce expenses and maintain a competitive advantage.

    The custom applications web development make the eCommerce to be more strategic, dynamical and flexible which permits opposition in the extraordinary performance corporate world. Custom software development is a hands-on fashion to crack complications associated with web application development. Clients always demand unique results. Their concepts can be put into practice with the support of cutting-edge technologies to cope with all the related problems and finding new ingenious web solutions in order to meet the customized needs. The preferences to customer's requirements are the key idea of custom application web developments.

    Our custom Application Web development includes the following attributes:

  • Client and Server Application developments
  • Distributed Application developments
  • Middle Tier Developments
  • System Integrations
  • Database Managements
  • Our experts can provide following support to you:

  • Maintain and operate your information’s to fit your customized requirements
  • Integrate with present systems in your current infrastructure
  • Work in configuration with existing tools
  • Offer measurable ROI through rationalized operations
  • Latest developments via Web 2.0 trend, we have specialized our organization to contrive, design and develop strong and collaborative Web 2.0 software applications. Our goal is to assimilate the most paradigm user interface, innovative characteristics and eventually execute all the above, by means of the cutting-edge technologies available.

    Our specialists of custom application web development examines the targets of your business and then starts working with you in integration to formulate the most appropriate online based custom applications that is professionally and essentially developed, tested and thus implemented.

    Y-Axes Solutions keeps us updated present developments in the application strategies, hence assuring that our custom web application development solutions for our clients are up-to-date.

    → Content Management System(CMS) Development

    Content Management Systems makes it easier to maintain and manage a website. You can manage pictures, videos, content and other things easily without requiring any previous knowledge about the same. CMS like Word press, Drupal and Joomla not only makes thing easier but also helps you save time and cost of maintenance. At Y-Axes Solutions, we believe in providing out clients with best possible CMS based websites with user friendly interface and support from our professionals.

    What can you do with a CMS based website?

  • Access Control Panel
  • Content Management
  • Add, Delete, and Edit Albums
  • Add, Delete, and Edit Pages
  • Add, Delete, and Edit Photos
  • Add, Delete, and Edit Posts
  • What are the benefits of our CMS websites?

  • User Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Variety of plug-ins
  • Variety of themes to choose from
  • Cost Effective
  • Full Admin Control
  • Customizable Theme
  • Browsers compatible
  • Site Statistics
  • Ad Management
  • → E-Commerce Web Development

    What is Ecommerce?

    Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the use of electronic interaction to do business. It may be used to carry out business-to-business or business-to-consumer dealings. The actual benefit of e-commerce is not that it makes old ways to work better, but relatively it provides a means to break with tradition and create new techniques of doing business. For example, using the Internet will allow some businesses to retain small while developing a larger turnover by decreasing the price of doing business. For E- business you must develop an ecommerce seo friendly site to be known expand properly.

    E-commerce web development can provide the following benefits over non-electronic interactions

  • Reduced Costs
  • Reduced Time: faster delivery of product.
  • Flexibility with Efficiency: the ability to deal complicated conditions, product ranges and clients profiles without the situation becoming unmanageable.
  • Heightened Long-Term Trading Partner Relationships: enriched interaction between trading partners leads to enhanced long-term relationships.
  • Lock in Clients: the closer you are to your clients and the more you work with them to change from normal business execute to best practice e-commerce the harder it is for a competitor to upset your customer relationship.
  • New Markets: the Internet has the potential to enhance your business into worldwide.
  • When you enquire for Y-Axes Solutions for your Ecommerce web development requirements, you'll be communicating on a professional web development company that conceit itself on delivering splendid and satisfied customized Ecommerce development that helps your business work better, Clean web design and development that retains your users happy, and a professional custom web development solution that has our clientele doing more business online than ever before.

    Accepting the challenges of the extremely competitive world of electronic commerce we develop solutions that help our customers stand ahead of the competitors and be serious players in their position. The E-commerce marketplace offers numerous distinctive ecommerce solutions. The question is why should consider a bespoke solution. The main powered characteristic for developing a custom ecommerce solution is “tailor solution to your business but not your business to a solution”.

    The ecommerce solution is developed in harmony with your particular needs and expectations. Such system 1)offers a unique purchasing experience for your clients and prospects 2) Enriches you, the business owner, with suitable and tuned management tools to make the business administration as ease as possible to you.

    Ecommerce Web Development Strategy

    Every businessman knows that the key to a prosperous business is to profit repeat from clients. The more clients you please, the more likely they are to come back to your ecommerce website and to tell others about your organization. Having an attractive and user-friendly e-commerce web site design is mandatory to make this happen. We at Y-Axes Solutions will help you to develop an ecommerce web site that will not only look professional but also convert many users into repeated clients.

    Our web development services help you to

  • Inflate your market internationally with lowest possible cost.
  • Facilitates online trading. Sell your products without disappearing from your home.
  • Offer your 24x7 services.
  • Obtain money from customers in the safest way.
  • Send e-copies of business booklets and save costs of printing and mailing.
  • Maintain your website among the top of major search engine listings.
  • Manage business to business activities via internet.
  • Remarkably raise the speed of business dealings.
  • Administrate the website by yourself without studying any special skills.
  • Find new ways for marketing
  • Increase Sales
  • The key to all of our ecommerce projects is infrastructure. Each particular project begins by studying how you conduct business and what is the best way to communicate with your customers. From there, we bring our proficiency into the processing. We will engineer the key features of the site and work on developing the website structure and logical organization. Once the design is accepted upon, we create a design that manipulates your site's targets. Your site will be greatly optimized for client’s functionality, experience and usability.

    → Software Development

    At Y-Axes Solutions, we know your needs and recognize your consternations of doing ecommerce internally exclusive of conferencing with them. Y-Axes Solutions is a custom software development corporation. Y-Axes Solutions suggests the services of complete sequence custom software programming practices initiating from the product concept, offshore software development to outsourcing support and enrichment. We utilize an experienced team of software developer who has a quality able to equilibrium product development efforts and project time period to your online presence requirements

    Custom software development is an important business tool to improve your organizations performance. Our software specialists discover precisely what it is a corporation does. What are the requirements of the firm are on a day to day basis and what they necessitate from their IT system so to function to their finest. To function proficiently, a group would preferably require its software to do unerringly what they want it to. Y-Axes Solutions is a high-end fanatical Custom Software Development online hub with a multipurpose skilled group focuses on latest demanding technologies like .net Development and Ajax Development which are entirely outfitted to spread out for diverse ventures as per the customer’s prerequisite

    Y-Axes Solutions uses business acumens, consulting and expert group to log, track, and resolve issues, offering levels of answerability, tractability, and noticeably our client’s needs in assisting to their mission-critical business processes and IT systems.

    We offer custom software development solutions for the followings:

  • Project Application Software
  • Sales Management Software
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Human Resource Solutions
  • Offshore stuffing
  • This as result brings cost effective solutions. A software developer can show your organization the examples of how analogous industries perform in comparison, and the inefficiencies of your IT system. This auditing service can be extremely beneficial and has proved a successful component of custom software development. This is the best way to overcome with viable edge over competitor industry.

    Our Working System

    Y-Axes Solutions follows the international standards and recent technologies for custom application development projects. We guarantee that the method that we track improves efficiencies and don’t add to expenditures. We espouse the spiral iterative approach while creating an application solution. Y-Axes Solutions, is asoftware outsourcing company, which is a leads the online industry in

  • Workflow and erp solutions
  • Custom application development
  • Project management
  • Software testing and quality assurance
  • In addition to our custom software development and designing solutions, Y-Axes Solutionstechnology.com offer search engine optimization services too. With a visualization of forming competitive benefits with software solution provider, we becoming the most appreciated associates of our customers, we convey high value business management results. We use up to date software development platforms , software developmentparaphernalia as well as make use of most recent project management practices and software engineering methodologies like Rational, XP (Extreme Programming) & Dynamic Systems Development Method too. So, for any further information contact us for any custom software development query.

    → Mobile Applications Development

    Creating useful, interesting, and engaging applications for today’s mobile phones is just the beginning. If you intend to initiate the viral effect through your well-designed mobile application, you have to learn the techniques of mobile apps marketing. And we’re telling you, that job requires the expertise of a professional.

    Marketing mobile apps requires effective strategies and unrelenting focus. For starters, your apps should be directed and easily accessible to your target audience or end-users. You have to devise a way to make it known to the people who are going to benefit from it the most. The trick is to expose your apps in key places in such a way that it creates both enthusiasm and impact to the most interested people.

    Y-Axes Solutions has developed a sure-fire way to feature your apps in the best places over the internet and elsewhere. We intend to present your apps to the general public and let them know of its use and benefits. There are more than a thousand of applications hitting the mobile apps market on a daily basis. This is the magnitude of competitors that you have. And if you don’t have the expert to back you up with this daunting task, you would say that the pressure is immense.

    Hire us to do the job so your app won’t be left behind. If your apps fail, along with it goes with your hopes for viral marketing. Mobile apps are mostly created by business entities to reach out to their clients or customers either directly or indirectly. The success of a mobile app depends on its popularity. Without proper marketing techniques, achieving that can be a little impossible.

    Y-Axes Solutions is one of the industry leaders in business development, SEO, and website marketing. Now, we are taking our high level of expertise into the new and fast-growing apps market. We value the time and the effort that you have placed into creating your mobile applications. Allow us to get aggressive in promoting them. We are going to assure you that it will reach the top ranks in no time.

    The strategies we use for mobile app marketing varies. We consider all the elements first before we set to work on your app. Y-Axes Solutions do market studies in order to come up with the best techniques to market mobile applications. We have mastered the field of online advertising and that gives us the leverage. Trust us with the propagation of your mobile apps and we assure you that we’ll perform very well with it.

    Y-Axes Solutions is dedicated in making sure that your mobile apps will stand out from the rest in its respective market. Our successful strategies will help not just your apps in achieving the prominence that it deserves but your company as well. Along with the popularity of your apps comes the boosted reputation of your business too. And that particular effect is going to be more than evident for you.

    Whatever your apps maybe, whether it is for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile, we have the necessary expertise to market it. Y-Axes Solutions has looked into each of the apps market of these major mobile phone providers to effectively create strategies that would ensure your app’s success. Y-Axes Solutions know more than it has to about rankings, algorithms, and the environment of each of these apps store. This is how we can penetrate them easily to your advantage.

    Y-Axes Solutions don’t just promote mobile apps. We also create them. Being an expert in making apps makes us an authority in this business even more. We can practically help you in building a mobile application right from scratch and then market it worldwide. Tell us all about your ideas and together, let’s come up with an impressive application that the rest of the mobile users will surely enjoy.

    Knowing more about the app that we’re promoting allows us to lay out a very effective market plan for you. Y-Axes Solutions don’t just sell we study every app that we have to promote and estimate how it will fare in the market. We analyze the other apps that are related to the one that you have and then devise a viable strategy to trample your competitors, so to speak.

    The strategies that Y-Axes Solutions implements are guaranteed to make your app successful. The first step in our long list of techniques is to create anticipation about your app. We would like people to stop and listen and make them wait for the release of your application like it’s the most important addition to their mobile phones. We ready to grab people’s attention. Our ultimate goal is to make your app as viral as it should be.

    Y-Axes Solutions also utilizes all available resources to promote your app. Part of our mobile apps marketing approach is to use paid searches, generateuser reviews, create upgrades, and establish a group of satisfied users talking about your product. All these and a whole lot more you can expect from us.

    Y-Axes Solutions is ready to make your app rank inside the top 100 after giving us ample amount of time working on it. Our expertise in the SEO industry is going to be monumental in this feat. We are going to use many of our web techniques to promote your apps and assure you that it is going to be one of the most downloaded in the market.

    Y-Axes Solutions also uses the newer technologies such as videos, social media, podcasts, and the newer viral techniques in the whole promotion process. We can guarantee you that your app will reach its target market in no time, be downloaded as often as possible, and get hot fast. And we won’t stop there. Y-Axes Solutions understands that getting to the top is just half of the job. And once we take you there, we intend to make your app stay there for as long as possible.

    Get in touch with us at Y-Axes Solutions and find out first-hand how we can be of assistance to you. Allow us to help you promote your apps through our breakthrough mobile apps marketing strategies.

    → Offshore Software Development

    Offshore software development has a remarkable impact in the market. It has helped many companies to grow their business worldwide and gain their name in the market. How would you achieve great success in less time? How do you think you can do some cost cutting? Is high development cost is what bothering to you? Or are you running out of resources? Well, one answer to your entire problems is offshore software development. Let our skilled professionals take your work load while you get some time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

    Why outsource your project?

  • Cost Efficient: Outsourcing your project helps you cutting cost by reducing your work load and in-house employees.
  • Time Efficient: It takes much less time when you have employees working on your project around the clock.
  • Flexible: Outsourcing your project helps you get rid of worries to hire, train and pay employees for your project.
  • Improved Compliance: Reduces human follow-ups for a project.
  • Accuracy in work: Outsourcing your project helps you get your work done within a provided deadline.
  • Y-Axes Solutions is an Indian based IT company that provides software development solutions across the globe. At Y-Axes Solutions we believe in providing best results to our customers and maintaining long relationship with them. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and that is what we are known for. So if you’re looking forward to outsource your project, you can count on us. Feel free to drop us an inquiry and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    → Plugin Development

    Plugins are the most important elements for different CMS that we work on. It is more or less serves as a heart of the functionality of the website. Plugins save a lot of development time and in turn cost. Harnessing and empowering this area has been a specialization for development team at Y-Axes Solutions Solutions. We always believed in developing and customizing plugins for the better meant of the website’s functionality to help improve user experience.

    Y-Axes Solutions offers a team of highly experienced developers who are adept at building plugins for various CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify and many more. Plugin customization can help you make the plugin functionalities work according to the need of the website. Our development team has worked on some complex plugins and customized it to a drastic level to address the customer requirements. Customizing the plugin can also be useful in offering better user interface and experience.